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Welcome our New Pastor!
We are excited to welcome Dave Weiss as our Pastor! Come join us!

Happy 150th Birthday! Join us on September 18 to celebrate Springfield's 150th Anniversary!

Whatís Your Vision for This Church?

It was the question that stopped me in my tracks. Not because I didnít know the answer, but because I sort of thought the person asking would think I was making it up as I go. It happened at my interview. I had started as the interim pastor. My intention was to come in, stay a few months and help the church keep going while they found their permanent pastor. Then I would put them in that pastorís capable hands and back out on the road I would go. My job wasnít to change things or impose my vision, it was to prepare them to receive the next personís vision and run with it. But something happened. We both (the congregation and I) began to realize that I was the next person.
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Our Purpose is to lift up the name of Jesus Christ, to love and glorify Him as we seek to faithfully teach and obey His Word, and lovingly serve others in our community and throughout the world.

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