The Church of the Brethren is an evangelical, protestant church. It was formed in 1708 in Germany under the leadership of Alexander Mack with the beliefs in adult baptism and living life according to the teachings of Scripture. The first Brethren came to America in 1719 and the first church organized in Germantown in 1723. There are now approximately 1000 congregations and 135,000 members in the United States.

  1. This body of Christians originated in the eighteenth century with the church being a natural outgrowth of the Pietistic movement following the Reformation.
  2. We firmly accept and teach:
    • the Bible is the true inspired word of God
    • the personality and work of the Holy Spirit
    • the virgin birth of Jesus Christ
    • Jesus Christ is the Son of God
    • Jesus Christ died on the cross and everyone has the opportunity to call upon Him for the forgiveness of sins
    • Jesus Christ came back to life, ascended into Heaven, and will come back again. Those who are saved by Jesus' blood will spend eternity in Heaven and those who do not know Jesus will spend eternity in hell

  3. Observes the following New Testament teachings:
    • baptism of repentant believers by triple immersion for the remission of sins
    • feet washing
    • love feast
    • communion
    • orderly worship services
    • anointing those who are sick or facing difficulty in the name of the Lord
    • laying on of hands during prayer
    • These teachings are representative of spiritual graces which should be practiced in the lives of true believers and are essential factors in the development of the Christian life.

  4. Emphasizes:
    • that it is important for individuals and families to spend time with God in prayer and Bible study on a daily basis
    • the proper use of time, talents and money
    • using self control in all areas of life
    • taking care of orphans, widows, poor, sick and aged

  5. Encourages Christians to retrain from:
    • war and the taking of human life
    • violence between individuals or nations
    • going to court with each other, especially against our Christian brothers and sisters
    • divorce and remarriage except for adultery
    • taking any kind of oath
    • membership in secret, oath-bound societies
    • gambling and sinful amusements
    • extravagant and immodest dress

  6. Believes in carrying out the Great Commission:
    • by sharing the love and work of Christ with everyone
    • so those who are lost in their sins will come to know Jesus Christ as Savior,
    • and so that Christ can change the life of everyone who calls upon His name

  7. Believes the New Testament is our only creed and we should live our lives according to the teachings that are found in it.