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Prayer should be an important part of every Christian's life.
It is how we talk and commune with God. When we are committed to prayer, we will see amazing things happen—things that we may have thought to be impossible.

When we pray, we must remember these four rules:

  1. Pray with faith that God will answer our prayers
  2. Pray with a pure heart
  3. Pray with the power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Pray with persistence.

To encourage people in their prayer life, the church has the following prayer ministries:

  • Prayer Coordinators who oversee the prayer activities of the church
  • Monthly Prayer Meetings on the second Sunday of every month
  • A Prayer Chain that includes church members who pray for sudden emergencies within the congregation and surrounding community.
  • A Prayer Team that is committed to praying for the needs and ministries of the church for several hours a week.